Musique Isotype †

by Laurent Fairon {CD}

  • CD
    Compact Disc (CD)

    1. L’Inonie
    2. The Elocutionist
    3. Chœur des myopes
    4. Roman à clef
    5. Musique isotype
    6. Rêves de coumbite
    7. Tippecanoe 1811
    8. Dormitorium

    Musique Isotype was recorded in November–
    December 2015 in Paris, France.

    “The eight tracks of Musique Isotype are intended as vehicles of
    surprise. Occasional U-turns and abrupt changes ensure the internal
    dynamics of each track, favouring Surreal juxtapositions of disparate
    sounds. They allow amalgamated elements of wonder to emerge,
    like when an Exquisite Corpse drawing is unfolded.

    Little interference was injected into the process. I tended to
    assume the role of ‘transformer’, as suggested by Marie Neurath,
    creating an interpretation of statistical data. My joy was in conjuring
    these aural transformations as a mere in-betweener, like Marie
    Neurath herself in the Isotype process, between theoretician Otto
    Neurath and graphic designer Gerd Arntz.

    Isotype (International System of Typographic Picture Education)
    was developed by Otto Neurath at the Museum of Society and
    Economy in Vienna between 1925 and 1934 as a means to put
    statistical information into graphic form, particularly through
    pictorial charts, where repeated pictograms are used to indicate

    Likewise, I see the repeated patterns and samples of existing
    sounds on Musique Isotype as a mixture of various audio strains:
    from the specific pace of poets reading their texts from the 1960s,
    to the ‘concrete’ sounds of basketball, dulcimer, Flamenco guitar,
    bull-roarer or bird songs, to the sounds of Armenian and Arab
    YouTube TV channels.”

    Laurent Fairon is a French blogger and record collector based in
    Paris. He started making music whilst in art school and, between
    1990 and 1993, published four demo albums on two French
    cassette labels: Nos Yeux Aveugles and Le Krab. He was then
    the director of the literary ’zine Le Reflet for 11 issues, until 2007,
    when he launched the mp3 blog Continuo’s Weblog. The latter’s
    purpose was to disseminate obscure records and cassettes from
    Fairon’s collection, helping raise awareness of overlooked releases.
    Through the blog and Wikipedia articles, Fairon documented the
    Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine and developed a partnership with
    UbuWeb to archive Tellus and some other valuable recordings.
    He launched the on-going Continuumixes mixtapes series in 2008,
    one of which was performed live at Cafe OTO in London in May
    2015 during a rare live appearance as DJ. Since 2011 Fairon’s
    been running the Continuo's Documents blog on Tumblr.

    Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

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released November 29, 2016



Entr’acte Antwerp, Belgium

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